Do you do this too?

Please tell me you do this too… I recently started a new gut healing protocol; so far so good, I haven’t had any processed sugar or natural sweeteners for the past 5 days. Happy dance, woooohooooo! Wow. Except, not wow. I’ve done this before and it pretty much seems to be the same each time.

I say to myself, “one more cookie, one more peanut butter cup, one more piece of dark chocolate with sea salt…” I’m noticing a chocolate theme, hmmm. I tell myself, I’ll start fresh tomorrow. Then, what happens? I get a little bit stressed or a little bit (okay, a lot) tired and I cave and have “just one more” whatever the chocolatey sugary treat is. God bless my husband too who has learned to ask “Am I supposed to discourage you from this right now, or just leave you alone?”……

Well, it’s August. I’m at the very tail end of Gut Thrive and overall feeling less fatigued on a daily basis and better in my belly after eating. My relationship with sugar and treats has changed. I now eat very little fruit, and things like cake may be a once a month treat. I made a double layer cake for my daughter’s birthday in July. It was a nice cake and I ended up pulling from 5 different paleo recipes. I felt that cake after eating it! I felt it enough to decide then and there that it is NOT worth it to continue eating sugary treats like I was before I started Gut Thrive. I’m more interested in eating to live; to live this life God has granted me and do something worthwhile that will help people who are just like me.

If you’re curiosity has been piqued by this Gut Thrive in 5 I’m doing, you can find more information at The Whole Journey and also through this free webinar.

Cheers to a happy gut! Send me a message if you’re wondering how to get a happy gut :o).